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Articles by the Shepherds

A group of researchers and health professionals emerged from a collective process which began at a meeting in Bhopal in March 2007 and became known as the "Jeeva Shepherds". They guide the research concerns of the Jeeva Project.

The six Jeeva Shepherds are:

  • Imrana Qadeer, originally a paediatrician, is a senior social science researcher in community health. She served as Chairperson of the Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and is a member of the University Ethics Committee for Research. She is on the Board of People's Science Institute, Dehradun, and on the Monitoring Committee of the National Rural Health Mission. She has written extensively in the public health field. Click here to read her articles..

  • Janet Chawla, holds an MA in Theology. Based in New Delhi, she researches, lectures and writes on the religio-cultural and ethno-medical traditions of dais. For 25 years she taught childbirth preparation classes in Delhi. She directs Matrika (www.matrika-india.org) for research and advocacy on traditional midwifery and non-invasive birth methods. She is author of the book Birth and Birth Givers: The Power behind the Shame (2006). Click here to read her articles..

  • Leila Caleb Varkey, holds both ScD (Public Health) from Johns Hopkins Univerity and BSc (Nursing) from Delhi University. Based in New Delhi, she worked with the Population Council until 2005. Trained as a professional midwife, she is now a consultant on field based research projects concerned with public health and maternity care services. She volunteers time with groups working to improve women's health care especially around maternity. Click here to read her articles..

  • Mira Sadgopal, holds an MBBS degree from Mumbai (1974) and worked as a doctor and rural development worker for 15 years in rural Madhya Pradesh, where she developed relations with dais. She moved to Maharashtra in 1990, based first in Pune and now in Nandurbar. She is a co-founder of the Tathapi Trust for 'Women and Health' Resource Development in Pune (www.tathapi.org) and active in the Indian women's health movement. Click here to read her articles..

  • Anuradha Singh, a scientist at NISTADS, New Delh, focuses on the crossroads of science and ISMs, revitalising LHTs and promoting people-oriented MCH policy. She served as PI in a study of mind-body in Indian and western theories and now pursues a project of 'mental health care'. She is board member, PPST Foundation, Chennai, founding member of Lok Swasthya Parampara Samvardhana Samiti (LSPSS) and was advisor in the MATRIKA project. Click here to read her articles..

  • Sandhya Gautam holds an MA in Social Work and worked with Society for Social Uplift Through Rural Action (SUTRA), a renowned development organization in Himachal Pradesh, for 13 years on Women & Health with Gender and Rights perspective. She is based in Nahan of district Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh. She is also Project Coordinator of the Jeeva Project. Click here to read her articles..

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