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Indigenous systems of medicine: essential inputs for maternal health policies is a poster created by Janet Chawla and Anuradha Singh for an August 2010 “Global Maternal Health Conference” held in New Delhi. In this poster we compare data from Jharkhand dais with Ayurvedic texts showing amazing similarites between these two data sources which historically had no known contact. The dais are low or outcaste, female, not literate and learned their skills informally; the authors of Ayurvedic texts were high caste, male, literate and their knowledge is textually codified.

We at JEEVA thought that our research is directly relevant to current Safe Motherhood efforts at improving maternal-child health. The powers-that-be in the global health establishment believed otherwise. In August 2010 the Global Maternal Health Conference was held with delegates attending from all over the world. Although the JEEVA project had applied for a paper presentation, we were given a poster session and presented information that benchmarked data from dais with the classical Ayurvedic texts.


The effort was to ‘validate’ dais practice with Ayurvedic text. Ironically in this country of rich indigenous health traditions, our poster was the only mention, out of hundreds of offerings from all over the world, of indigenous medicine.

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